Vacation Rentals

Birdnestudios are two well designed studios and decorated to our  tropical style. Colorful and spacious. We are perched on the side of a  mountain on a 1 acre plot overlooking the Vieques channel and El Yunque  mountains. We have a view and tranquiltity. Our trade winds are always  present  and caring our nest. We  have two units for your choice,  Gaviota, sleeps 6 and Pitirre, sleeps 4.Each unit with their own  jacuzzi. I invite you to explore my page and whatever you do, do not go  any were without asking questions.

Birdnestudios son dos  apartamentos diseñados y decorados tropiclamente. Estamos en la ladera  de una montaña mirando hacia el canal de Vieques y el Yunque. Tenemos  dos unidades para su gusto, Gaviota, duermen 6 y Pitirre duermen 4. Vea  la página y denos una llamada. 

Our Nest

We  invite you to travel through our page and explore what our beautiful  Nest has to offer. Much more than you would imagine, I can promise you.  Tranquility, seclusion and privacy are our top attributes along with  total relaxation in a formidable tropical paradise.

Please check us out and don't go anywhere without talking to us.Waldo & Ileana

PD:  Please do not rent from renters that do not have a Tourism ID number or  are not registered with the Government of Puerto Rico