Your Personal Cuisine

Your Personal Cuisine


Let me pamper you with my exquisite Caribbean cuisine at home or at the beach. Formerly a banker and business consultant, I found cooking for friends    to be relaxing and gratifying. At 60, I decided to drop out of the rat race. So we downsized, cleaned out most of our debts and defied Fortune’s magazine articles on how to retire rich. Living in Vieques was the reward. Cooking for others is a big responsibility but the  other rewards like making new friends, telling stories and living in a place without stop lights, only one elevator  that goes up one floor and wearing  casual clothing at all times,  I believe,  it is as they say…….¡priceless! Spectacular cooking show in front of you…amazing how the rice grows into a delicious dish…always certain to go back for more…Soooo! If you want real puertorican seasoning and flavor then, let me cook for you...

Having a wedding in Vieques? !Congratulations! Then break away from the traditional buffet or sit down dinners; have a feast with a delicious paella; sea food or meats or best, do them both. It's fun, its tropical.

Get together with friends and family or plan a romantic dinner just for two or how about a beach party with free use of my kajacks...check out the menu. Visit my guest book for former customer comentaries, write to me for special requests...but if in Vieques, you must indulge yourself. Hasta pronto! ¡buen provecho!        When in the Caribbean, have a Caribbean person cook for you...we have the taste buds.Oh, see nothing inspiring? Let's try a tipical puerto rican dish one night with rice and beans, caramelized oniona and beeftec !!! ask me about it !!!


The Paella Waldo

Paella Marinara
All sea food. Select the contents yourself or let me do it for you. All ingredients are prepared and ready to cook on the grill on a large pan in front of you. Just wait, its just great tasting.

Paella Valenciana
Like a marinara but no sea food. A selected blend between beef, chicken, pork and chorizos…different but just as tasty…

Chicken Paella  
A typical local dish…arroz con pollo done in  a paella format with all the great ingredients of the paella and the tenderness of the chicken.

A local rice with pork fillet and garbanzos  mixed with a green plantain and covered a plantain leaf. a local favorite

Vegetarian and Pescetarian paellas both delicious with a recipe to meet your expectations and dietary requirements, everyone will love it.

Paella in a bowl-order your paella in 32oz or 16 oz bowls. Microwavable, take home, take to the beach, save it for a hungry day



Great for the beach…..juicy pieces of beef, chicken or fish or a great combination of all mixed with tender pieces of vegetables on a stick….a great  option

Slices of beef or pork seasoned in a puertorrican way that slide right into your mouth.

Tender chicken pieces seasoned to perfection and marinated in my special mix grilled to perfection. OR....
Have them all ...assorted sticks for a delightful meal or mix them as you want for a great tasting party.

Cornish Hen
Whole hens on the grill, crispy
and juicy and seasoned
puertorrican style.

My favorite, if you are a wingperson you know what I mean, its  a thing. hmmmm! just finger licking good.

Surf & Turf
Delicious caribbean rock lobester tails cooked on the grill with suculent piece of angus beef filet or churrasco cut....delicious garlic butter and chimi churry sauces to compliment your lobster and steak.

From the Sea...
Whole fish stuffed with fresh veggies cooked in the grill wrapped in aluminum foil to preserve the natural juices and the flavor...tender, juicy, full of fresh taste

The Teriyakis:
beef - fajita strips of fresh tender beef with an array of fresh vegetables and Chinese nuts and white rice on the side….hmmm just delicious
Chicken-tender cuts of chicken breast with an array of fresh vegetables and Chinese nuts on a bed of white rice

Shrimp-premium size shrimps with an array of fresh vegetables and Chinese nuts and white rice on the side or the most requested the tery-combo and much more:

The Ribs.......
the best South of Texas........tender, meaty, simply delicious......also more beef;
angus steaks, churrasco...¡also!...shark meat when available
• ask for the beach party menu...
• ask for the brunch menu
• menu for children available....

Ask for a favorite puertorican dish; rice and beans with beef steak medallions on caramelized onions and sweet plantains with syrup and rum(optional)

Prices: available upon request. They will range between $16 to $28 pp. Price can vary because of ingredients, number of people and location. Children between 9-12 are half price.