About Ileana and Waldo

Our pleasure to host for you;
Please rest assured that winning awards  mean a lot to us and we will keep doing what we do right and as we  continue to learn we will continue to make Birdnestudios, vacation  rentals, your best little resort and home away from home. Read on.               Welcome! and many thanks for visiting our web site. Birdnestudios are  two well designed, beautifully decorated and fully equipped studio/apt.  for your joy and comfort. Both are air conditioned. They are  independently located on the same site so you can be close to your loved  ones and still maintain your privacy. A little resort with many  amenities just for you, just click on the amenities tab to see. We are  strategically located on road #997 on the side of a hill with a  spectacular view of the east coast of the main island of Puerto Rico.  Enjoy a romantic sunset, watching the rain fall on the main island, the  birds singing every day of the year or the beautiful trees on our  property or even pick a fruit when in season. Sit under the trees or try  napping on a hammock. Just enjoy your privacy and the sound of the  breeze. Come kayaking or kayak fishing  day, come hiking and  birdwatching...or let me wake up your appetite with a delicious freshly  cooked paella or whole grilled fish....we are a little resort without  all the hassle. Strategically located, we are only 1.5 miles from the  main town of Isabel Segunda and 4.5 miles from Esperanza and only 1 mile  from the entrance to the beaches on the Wild Life refuge. No traffic  hassle to go any where, no towns to cross to get to the beach. The  birdnestudios  is the place to stay when you want privacy, intimacy and  yet when traveling with friends or loved ones because everyone is close  by. We even have a well stocked convenience store at the bottom of the  hill for those last minute purchases. Look on and enjoy like many others  have, Your money can't go any farther than this. Need some more time  after check out, talk to us for late check out failities at NO xtra  cost. And please, very important, don't go anywhere without having all  your questions answered. Visit my Gallery of pictures of Vieques, our  property and many curious items....birdnest, way beyond your  expectations... Oh yes, ....we are simply... just friendly  ...everyone  is welcomed  ¡Bienvenidos! Mi casa es su casa.  

The Birdnest Operated By:

 The birdnest is operated by Ileana and  me (Waldo), formally José. Ileana is a glass and mosaic artist and has  her working/teaching studio on premises (recently retired).You can see  some her work on this site under the tab "Glass Art". I am a former  banker and business consultant in Puerto Rico and South America, very  glad to be retired. Vieques was our choice for its beauty and  tranquility. Yes, we have to put up with lots of inconveniences but the  rewards are overwhelming and very much worth it. Its a choice. As a  spare activity I cook for my guests and folks that request of my  services. My menu is on this site under yourpersonalcuisine tab although  we can always be creative and work outside the menu. Check it out and  let me know if I can cook for you. We have three children with very  interesting lives. Our oldest daughter lives in the Amazons of Venezuela  and you can visit her site at selvadentro.com. She is the proud mother  of our two grand children, go visit her. Natalia speaks; english,  french, portuguese and spanish. (Natalia recently returned to PR to finish the schooling of her two sons).Tamara is the jet set member of the  family working in the tourism industry on behalf of Puerto Rico. She  travels through Europe & Latin America. She speaks italian, english  and spanish. Tammy is now based of Puerto Rico. (lucky for us). Alexis  is the youngest and is a lawyer turned realtor turned entrepenuer , in  short, a businessman working very hard at it. Alex speaks english and  spanish.
We hope that you like what I have prepared for you on this  site. All is as is, no doctoring, no photo shop and trick pictures.. I  am constantly adding things to the Nest in order to make your stay even  more memorable. In all honesty, I do not believe you can find a studio  with all the amenities and concierge services from me at these rates. I  have been advised by some customers to raise my rates so people can  think our place is of value. I refuse to do that. This thinking is what  got us in the financial mess we live in today and professional marketers  (I am an MBA-Syracuse in Marketing) are partly responsible for that.  So trust me, the studios were built for my family to come but as you  read earlier, destiny had something else in mind for them. So, we  decided to rent.Have no regrets.

Have any questions, please call. I  believe we have a better than  good product. Read the guest book comments. I wish  everyone that has stayed here wrote but I guess some are shy. I hope you  decide to come to Vieques and stay with us. If you decide  not to join us, please drop by and check us out any way. We'll be looking forward to  have you the next time around and many times after that.  ciao...waldo and Ileana, your hosts.