Check In & Check Out


Arriving  early in the morning while we still have guests in house? Don't worry,  use our terrace facilities and crash into one of the delightful hammocks  or get your bathing suits on and head out to the beach....

Normal check out is at 10AM but if no new guests are arriving then you can stay as long as you wish...

Checking Out

Departing early because we have other folks checking in ?....

Don't  worry....just tell us about it and we will let you hang around until  it's time to go... Our terrace is fully equipped and has a full service  bathroom so you can shower if you decide to take one last dip in any of  our beautiful beaches.

The terrace is outside on top of  the Pitirre unit.  It is full of amenities; hammocks, dinner tables, a  bar, an honor system refrigerator (replace what you take), full bathroom  facilities and BBQ’s….

The terrace has a kitchen and underneath the sink you will find plates, silverware, cooking utensils etc.

There is a stereo component for your music, please keep the volume down at all times.

Small children should not be left un-attended or under the supervision of another child.

Oh, please clean after you, we don't want to spoil it for the guests that are staying on premise.

PS: there is no extra charge for this service.

Self Check-in or Check-out

At times I may not be here to welcome  you or to say good bye. As much as I hate that to happen it does happen  on occasions. In that case, we will coordinate either activity. It is  very simple and has been done many times. In the event of it occurring, I  will give you specific instructions regarding locking or opening you  unit. 

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