Nearby Attractions

Vieques is a very small island so to be very honest with you,  distances should not matter that much to you in selecting a place to  stay. What I would avoid is noisy areas and rooster colonies (if they  bother you)....Our location is, I believe, very special for we are  centered between the two main a very quiet area...          
Here is a list;

  • Isabel Segunda, Capital of Vieques 1.5 miles
  • Conde de Mirasol Fort in Isabel Segunda -5min
  • El Faro (lighthouse) in Isabel Segunda 5 min
  • Vieques town square- 2 miles
  • Vieques Airport- 8 min
  • Car rentals- 8 to 10 min
  • Vieques Gas stations-Road 200 7 min
  • Supermarkets- in Isabel Segunda- 7 min
  • Colmado Mambo- a walk from the studios, walking distance (well sorted)
  • Fish&Wild Life Reserve- 1 mile to the entrance; Caracas beach, Pata Prieta beach,   Blue beach, Plata, Platita
  • Sunbay beach-4 miles; Media Luna and Navio inside the compound, 6 min.
  • Esperanza community- 4.5 miles
  • El hombre de puerto ferro ruins-4,000 yrs old man discovery site
  • Mosquito bay- inside Sunbay compound
  • Mosquito pier- 14 min, past the airport into the old Navy base; snorkeling, fishing
  • Black Sand Beach in la Hueca-10min
  • Sugar Mill Ruins-old navy base on the west side
  • The Ceiba tree (300+yrs old)-12 min-go past the airport into the old Navy base
  • Restaurants- most popular ones are located in Isabel Segunda or Esperanza
  • Local  food restaurants; El Resuelve (2 min), El Yate (5 min), El Bigote (7 min),  Bilí (8 min),El Bistro(3 min), La Gran Parada (6min), Shauna (3min), Waldo's paella @ Birdnest), Mamamia (3min), D'froz (ice cream +), La Viequense (bakery) 
  • Food trucks: El rincón del sabor, Gracias de Nada, Delicias, Jimmy's
  • Bars (for bar hoping); Colmado Las Marias, El Encanto, El Cotorrito, La Tienda Verde, Robin's @ Blanco, Bar Plaza, Mar Azul, Tsunami, El Blok, 
  • American menu: Tsunami, Mamasonga,Mar Azul, Duffy's, Banana's, El Quenepo, Trade Winds