ECO Friendly Guide

Eco Friendly tips what we do:

Eco Friendly Guide We are as concerned about the environment as you are.  In our particular situation and because we are in a small  semi-isolated island we need all the help we can get. We have the  highest energy costs in the nation for which we ask all the help we can  get from you. I will outline some of the things we are doing and some of  the things we are going to shoot for. Hopefully, together and with time  we will make it better for all of us. $We Only water plants and lawn  during the night or early mornings - This will provide more effective  use of water, since watering during the day can quickly evaporate.  $Encourage guests to minimize their shower time - You did tell usabout  the water not getting as hot as most people are used to, and encouraged  us to try and conserve water, but maybe a sign in the bathroom would be a  good reminder. $Install water aerators into faucets - These are little  metal disks that fit into the shower heads and faucets, which reduce the  amount of water that comes out, but increases the pressure of the  water.  These are very inexpensive to purchase. $$Collect rainwater for  gardening - (future) If you can install some rain barrels to collect  rain off the roof, you could reduce your water usage. The rain barrels  can cost around $100, and you’ll have to modify or install gutters to  collect the rain. $$We have low flow toilets - Reduces water usage  significantly, depending on the current model you have. Standard models  use 3.4 gallons per flush, where newer models use 1.6 or 1.2 gallons per  flush, which is 50% or more reduction. Most newer models in the U.S.  cost $100-150. There are other options for retrofitting existing toilets  with dual-flush (heavy and light flushes) and storage tank size  reduction devices, if you don’t want to replace the toilet completely.  $We Offer bicycles to guests to rent- Vieques is not bycicle friendly  but we offer two bikes to rent and ride in the Wild Life Refuge areas  were it is safe. Roads cycling is not safe or recommended. $Encourage  walking instead of driving - If guests rent a car, encourage them to  walk to Colmado Mambo, instead of driving. I think the nature preserve  and Isabel Segunda is probably too far to walk, but some of the food  stops on the way may be close enough. $Highlight the environmental  benefits of your culinary skills  - You might provide a handout that  includes some estimated costs per person, as it may be more affordable  than they think. In addition, any food offered from your land or a  nearby farm reduces food transportation fuel usage from the mainland.  Any information about the close proximity of the food could be added to  the handout (if it’s not already). $$Compost food waste -  (Future item)  Instead of throwing away leftover or spoiled food into the landfill,  collect it up and compost it on your property, for use in the flower  beds and garden. You will need a compost tumbler ($100-200) that can be  sealed from animals, and smaller collection containers to be placed in  the kitchen of each studio. You may not see a reduction in your waste  pickup (unless they charge by the pound), but it will reduce methane  release from the landfill, which contributes to greenhouse gas. 

$Setup a clothesline to dry clothes -  This will reduce electricity for the dryer.  Guests could also use it  to hang up and dry towels from the beach, or after showers. Lines could  be adjustable, so they can be reeled in when not in use, so as not to  create an eye sore. Also, the varandas on the porch of the Pitirre can  be used to hang your beach towels. $Remind guests to hang towels to dry  for reuse - Please reuse your beach towels.The washing/dryer machines  are available as an added comfort for you at no expense. But we need  your help here. You can wash your clothe upon arrival if this is not  your first leg of the trip. You can also do it if you are going  somewhere else before going home. We would like you to avoid washing and  drying beach towels every day. $Educate guests on proper and economical  air conditioner (A/C) usage – Please be aware that we have the highest  electrical cost in the nation. If you want to use the A/C please be sure  the windows are closed. Do not turn on the A/C if you plan to leave the  apt. to go out to dinner or the beach. $$Replace all bulbs with CFL  bulbs or LED lights - This may seem simple, but quite often, there are  bulbs that have been overlooked, and not replaced yet. Check all bulbs  first. The price of LEDs is becoming more affordable each day, so you  might consider these for any new bulbs you purchase. They can cut the  energy usage by over 90% from traditional incandescent bulbs. $$Solar  security lights - They will come on only when they detect motion. $$Hot  tub turn off/standby option -The hot tub turns on twice a day for self  cleaning. This is an expensive but necessary higine action for  everyone's health safety. Please do not turn the temperature higher than  what we have it set. Remember, you are in the tropics soaking sun all  day, you do not need water above body temperature.

$$Use  eco-friendly fabric softeners and detergents – Choose options that  contain no polarizing dyes, chlorine, perfumes or phosphates, and are  all-natural or organic. This will reduce chemicals going down the drain,  which could possibly get into the ocean. It will also reduce the chance  of guests being allergic or having a reaction to the linens. $$Use  all-natural fertilizers or biological solutions on the lawn – If you  have to treat the lawn with chemicals, look for environmentally-friendly  options. There might be more natural or biological ways to deal with  pests and insects. Consider and research those options first, before  going to a chemical option.

$$Increase  recycling options – please use the recycling bin in the washing machine  areas.We recycle plastic, aluminum and paper. $Use all-natural,  organic, non-toxic and low VOC cleaners